DivConq Opens MUMPS to Java Programmers

Both Java and MUMPS have a lot to offer developers, but until DivConq was developed it was often hard to access MUMPS from Java applications.

DivConq is a free but powerful bridge that opens MUMPS to Java programmers. Do you have complex data structures in MUMPS? No problem, because DivConq allows you to transfer whole data structures between Java and MUMPS in a single call. Why store “table data” in a relational database when you can store it right in MUMPS, next to your complex data? Would you like to develop queries that can combine results from both your custom structures and tables? DivConq provides all this and more.

DivConq Framework is designed to work with Java Standard Edition.  Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) is optional. The DivConq Framework provides not only a high quality and feature packed MUMPS bridge, it also tackles the needs of an enterprise developer (web server, modular, distributed, multi-tier) with a focus on simplicity and elegance.

Download DivConq for Free

Download ver 0.4.8 (Jan 15, 2012)
Download ver 0.4.5 (Dec 30, 2011)
Download ver 0.4 (Dec 13, 2011)

Using DivConq

Read the About DivConq page, especially the design and features sub pages.

Read the Guide to Getting Started.

Further, almost all documentation is in our blog.

Support for DivConq and MUMPS

Contact me, Andy White, for any DivConq support or development consulting. I’m happy to help you design and develop your DivConq powered applications.  In addition to DivConq assignments, I am also interested in MUMPS consulting work, including direct access to Epic Systems data stores.  (I was deeply involved with Epic in the early days.)  If you need help architecting your MUMPS application, or Java/C# to MUMPS communications, please drop me a line and we can see if I’m a match for your needs. Email me: andy D0T white AT divconq D0T com.

Follow DivConq

The best way to keep track of DivConq progress is to subscribe to the RSS feed of this site. You may also follow the project through the company’s LinkedIn profile.


DivConq Framework is released under the Apache license. All the components DivConq relies on are released under the Apache license (or similar).

About the Name

Divide and Conqueror is problem solving technique and an outlook on life. This resonates with the DivConq framework because we promote the idea that it is normal to distribute workloads across servers and even geographic areas. It should not be an after thought nor should it be the main focus of an application – it should just work.

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