Getting Started

The current release of DivConq Framework is 0.4.8. At its heart, DivConq is about connecting Java to MUMPS. So to get started that will be the focus.

Step 1) Get Connected

Getting Connected with DivConq.

Step 2) Lean MUMPS Basics

Part one of the series summarizes how the DivConq database connector for MUMPS will work and covers how to install M (GT.M software) and how to get to the M prompt.

Part two of the series reviews of the basics of the M programming language.

Part three of the series examines how data is persisted in M why the M programming language is well suited to data access.

Part four of the series discusses some of the finer points and mentions transaction and locking support.

Step 3) Learn Stored Procedures

DivConq’s foremost database feature is stored procedures for data access and manipulation in MUMPS. Here are some presentations that move beyond just connecting to M.

Part 1) Stored Procedure Overview: Download PDF or View on SlideShare.

Part 2) Data Types and Structures: Download PDF or View on SlideShare.

Part 3) Stored Procedures and MUMPS: Download PDF or View on SlideShare.

Part two of the series covers more details of developing and calling stored procedure, including a first look at dcSchema.


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