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DivConq to present at Pecha Kucha Happy Hour today

Jonathan Lampe and Andy White will be presenting “Next Generation Web Servers” at the popular IT-oriented Pecha Kucha Happy Hour at the University of Wisconsin today.  This presentation format will involve 20 slides, each only displayed for 20 seconds, and will quickly cover Nginx, Jetty, Kayak and lighttp’s roles as logical replacements for IIS and Apache in elastic architecture.

If you cannot see this presentation in person, you may want to view an earlier recording of this topic here, or read the original “Web Server Threading Models” article.


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Next Generation Web Servers: The Video!

The information Andy White presented in his “Web Server Threading Models” article is now also available in a recorded “PechaKucha style” presentation entitled “Beyond IIS and Apache: Next Generation Web Servers (nginx, kayak, jetty, etc.)” on YouTube. (6 minutes)


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