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The name, the logo…are you Frank Capra fans?

10 Jul

Well…I have to admit that I am a bit of a fan of Frank Capra’s work.

In my roles as a solution architect or network auditor I have seen or written thousands of network and software architecture diagrams. I’m probably not the first person to note the visual similarity to between groups of rectangular technologies standing on either side of a “DMZ” and diagrams of great military battles fought before CRTs.

The name of this site is, in part, an homage to Frank Capra’s 1943 (US) propaganda film entitled “Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer.

The logo is similarly inspired by the well-animated diagrams in that movie that simplify complex military movements.  In particular, this animated diagram about 45 minutes in:

…which paid off the entire premise of the movie.   (Divided entities were individually isolated and then conquered by a calculating foe. )

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