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Quiet but Busy

I’ve been quiet lately, but my day to day projects have taken the framework forward in many areas. Although 0.5.0 is not yet ready, big parts of the future versions are coming together. Here is a status update:

Version 0.5.0 (in progress)

dcDB – add support for dcSimple – Put, Get, Delete, Query (no progress)

dcDB – improve dcTables indexing, consolidate schema globals, support table instances (provide multi-homed / multi-domain support to apps) (2/3 done)

Users/Groups – improve support in task context (mostly done)

Locale Formatting – add number and date formatting to Java and MUMPS (1/2 done)

TimeZones/Chronology – add timezone support to Java and MUMPS, basic hooks for Chronology (1/2 done for US zones)

Version 0.6.0 (in progress)

dcServiceBus – support local (same JVM) service calls and schema support (done)

dcWeb – support remote service bus calls over web sockets, provide a Java client to use the web sockets interface (done)

dcClaims – provide minimal claims services – for local server or local squad. (not started)

Version 0.7.0 (in progress)

dcWeb – add HTTP RPC support for remote service bus calls. add service description language. (1/2 done)

dcWeb – provide web app framework based on dcQoo. (2/3 done)

dcAdmin – first release of admin tool, supports dcDB query and schema review (not started)

Version 0.8.0 (in progress)

dcWeb – Improve support for web frameworks, both dcQoo and dcLight. (mostly there)

dcRepository – compile developer repository, support master/project repository (not started)

At some point I need to buckle down and complete 0.5.0, but so far my user base is pushing too hard :) At this rate I would expect to see a 0.9.0 release in Q3, depending on how involved I get in Common Transfer Protocol then maybe Q4 version 0.9.5 with CTP.


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Design Notes on RPC Calls

Detailed in the link below are DivConq’s plans for RPC support. These plans are incomplete (there are also service discovery and service schema features) however this does cover network layer neutrality and how everything from small messages to large file transfers may route through this new protocol called Common Transfer Protocol.

Download PDF:

Or view on SlideShare:


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