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Distributed Relational Guidelines part I

In my last post I opened the subject of using relational databases in a distributed environment.

There are a number of tools out there for database replication. I’ve looked SQL Server’s merge replication, Hit Software’s DBMoto product and the open source SymmetricDS. But for this discussion I’m ignoring the existing tools and looking at what I think would make the best solution and practices.

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The NoSQL Undercard: Amazon’s SDB vs Mongoid vs CouchDB vs RavenDB

Jesse Wolgamott recently did an interesting presentation at Lone Star Ruby Conference on four of the non-Cassandra NoSQL databases currently available to the public.

If you have 30 minutes, it’s worth the time.  The most compelling piece of the presentation is when Wolgamott makes good on his claim to “discuss how SQL has limits when you get to web-scale and how NoSQL bypasses these limits.”


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NoSQL Before NoSQL Was Cool

I ran across an interesting blog post today that talks about how people were using NoSQL databases before the “NoSQL” label was coined.   In particular, use of the MUMPS database dates from the 1960s and is still a critical part of many healthcare deployments (including Wisconsin’s own Epic Systems).

Anyone using NoSQL databases for medical record storage?

On this site, (former Epic Systems employee) Andy White has added a couple of other blog posts that mention MUMPS and tie it into the history of NoSQL. Read them here: Why Cassandra and Stored Procedures in Cassandra


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